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Track your body shape over time and receive a free body report providing details about your body shape and fitness levels
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Find out about your body shape and receive personalised tips on how to accentuate your best features
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Get one scan per year for free with additional plans available for as little as $14.99 per year
  • mPort is all about bridging worlds and empowering lives.

  • We use the latest innovations to provide our users with an honest view of themselves and allow them to make better decisions when it comes to their own health and their fashion.
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  • 1. Get an in-depth look at your body and body measurements

  • 2. Track your body as it changes over time

  • 3. It's completely free to get scanned once a year
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  • We're aiming to work with some of Australia's leading corporates.

  • If you're a business that can work with us to provide greater utility for users, contact us now.
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  • If you have any issues at all in scanning yourself, please contact us on +61 2 9439 2367 and we'll help you out in no time. Otherwise, email us at
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